Knowledge in food service

providing customized solutions for domestic and overseas type of business.



Logistics system, menu development, franchise consulting


B2C product development, online sales, third party logistics


Import and export of overseas products

Franchise Consulting

We provide food service consulting in various areas such as marketing, sales, sourcing, and solutions.


Logistics and Distribution

Supplying verified and safe products at a good price, and store them in our warehouse to ensure reliable products..

PB products

Production of box / sauce / dough according customer needs..

Website Consultation

Starting a franchise business, you must open a website. 

We offer consultation to create a high-quality, responsive website at a low cost.

 In addition, we provide professional photographers will that can take photos of food and store required for it.

Brochure Design

Supporting professional consultation to

create brochures to distribute to customers and other purposes.

Franchise consultation service

Professional consultation and training to start-ups and franchise businesses.

PB products

We design the package as the customer request.


Cheese, Sauce, Box, Bread, Vinyl 

We produce PB products with quality and price guaranteed

 through companies selected under strict standards.